While no one can promise publication—and you should beware of anyone who promises it—I will make sure your book is in its best shape possible going out into the world. I’m an editor with 20 years of experience. I began working in academia, specifically in editing grammar handbooks. Since then, I’ve worked on everything from literature to composition to American and world history, and both fiction and nonfiction books. I earned my degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Publishing from Emerson College.

Here’s what you really need to know about me: When I say I will give you straightforward edits, I mean it. I will tell you what works and where your strengths are. My editing notes and suggestions will never change your unique writing style but will only enhance them.

I began editing before I knew what editing was—starting with the church bulletin every week when I was seven years old. I would circle mistakes, insert missing letters, even fix the way the running head was set. I found an old copy of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style when I was ten, and read the entire book from cover to cover.

I earned my degree in creative writing with a minor in publishing and during my junior year, I accepted an internship at an academic publisher. What started as a six-month internship turned into a twenty-year career, both as an in-house and freelance editor.

I’ve run online writing groups and attended in-person ones as well. I worked as an assistant editor and written blog posts for Writer Unboxed for years, a blog about the craft and business of fiction, and named for nine years as one of the best writing blogs by Writer’s Digest.