I have shared my writing with Jeannine Thibodeau for more than a decade, and her editing skills, feedback style, and support have made her the most valuable mentor I have ever had. After years of formal education, I can say that no one has taught me more about craft than Jeannine; she is skilled, creative, and passionate about her work. She is objective and honest, and I can unfailingly rely on her always thoughtful, constructive criticism. I trust Jeannine with my work, knowing that as she edits, my characters and my story are as important to her as they are to me. To all this, I have to add that her dependability is second-to-none. There are many editors out there, but Jeannine Thibodeau is exceptional.Ann Marie Husch, author in progress


Jeannine is the best—I hire her for as many of my projects as her schedule allows and then smugly tell my coworkers she’s all booked up! She quickly understands the scope of each project, is thorough, and—I cannot stress this enough—so good natured. Jeannine is also incredibly communicative and flexible, which makes working on quick turn-around or complex projects with her a breeze!—Sarah O’Connor, Media Specialist, Macmillan


Jeannine Thibodeau is a dynamic professional who single-handedly alleviated one of the greatest stressors of my work.  As the chair of a busy high school counseling office, I write many college letters of recommendation and many other important documents regularly.  Every letter is a special document, one that I take considerable time to write in order to advocate for each of my students to the colleges for which they are applying. Each letter can take quite a bit of time to write, and as a public school counselor, time is not something I have a lot of. I became anxious about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It would take considerable time to self-edit and too often I could not find my own mistakes. The anxiety over mistakes in these important letters slowed me down in the writing process.

That’s when I asked Jeannine if she ever edited for people like me.  It seemed silly to me at the time; I felt foolish even asking.  But I was so glad I did, and will tell anyone I can about her.  I now write these challenging letters with so much less weight upon me. My voice doesn’t change, but she catches all of my mistakes so easily and offers suggestions for clarity.

Jeannine has become an invaluable ally and a trusted resource.  It is tremendously helpful to have someone not only check your work, but to check your tone and message to make sure it matches your intention.  She is highly intelligent and innately intuitive so she takes time to listen and understand what you are seeking to accomplish.  My only regret is not having reached out to her for help sooner.Colleen Hennessy, Chair of Counseling Services, Hunter College High School


Jeannine is an amazing proofreader! She is thorough, always completes projects on time, and provides crystal clear feedback. She expertly navigates several different platforms to review content and retains so much institutional knowledge from project to project. Her attention to detail and and optimistic disposition make Jeannine wonderful to work with!
Michelle Camisa, New Media Production Editor, Macmillan